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Ume Collection Pillow Mist - Moon

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Product Description

Moon Pillow Mist is made with magical organic essential oils of Yarrow, Mugwort, high altitude Provencal Lavender and Frankincense. This magical blend of oils, infused in moonstone crystal spring water, has a deeply calming effect on the body whilst allowing the mind to drift into deep states of sleeping and dreaming.

The Organic distillations of forest woods & fruits are plant allies, that combined embody purification of the body, mind and spirit. Indulge in the essence of forest woods and fruits, carefully distilled into a blend that represent the ultimate purification of both body and soul.

Allow this luxurious mist to soothe your mind, especially during times of stress and anxiety, and experience the enchanting power of Yarrow and Mugwort as they invite you into a world of deep and vivid dreaming.

  • Violet Glass spray bottle
  • 100% natural, free from any synthetic ingredients
  • Infused with moonstone crystal - high frequency tuning 


ume collection
Product Weight
Made In
Made From
Spring Aqua, Achillea millefolium, Artemisia vulgaris, Lavandula angustifolia, Boswellia serrata
Care Instructions
Use within one season



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