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Live Classes, Courses and Conversations with Yogamatters

For almost 3 years the Yogamatters community have joined together to share a weekly online class.

We have partnered with teachers and studios to share the practice, share knowledge, conversations and connection. We are delighted to welcome you to view our schedule and discover the classes and courses we have coming up, we hope you'll join us soon!

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Expand and let go: an exploration of breath and yoga for World Cancer Day

Sunday 4th February | 3.00 - 5.00pm 
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Vicky Fox has over a decade of experience teaching yoga for cancer classes and has joined forces with Sophie Trew and Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel on World Cancer Day to share the combined force of yoga and breathwork with you. To support the class there is an optional chance to donate to Oncio, a free app offering support and integrative oncology tools for those affected by cancer.

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February 2024

Join us in February as we welcome the return of Ethanie Jackson-Turner from The Inclusion Project. Ethanie will be harnessing the ethos of The Inclusion Project by offering classes aimed at all people – with a focus on autism, neurodiversity and those that have a learning disability.

Meet our host Ethanie Jackson-Turner

Ethanie is a yoga teacher, freelance writer, and the director of a Special Needs company called The Inclusion Project, which focuses on community inclusion for all.

Read more about Ethanie Jackson-Turner.

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Yoga for Additional Needs

with Ethanie Jackson-Turner

Tues 6th February | 7-7:45pm

This class is an introduction to yoga for people that have additional needs, Learning Disabilities, are Autistic or Neurodiverse.

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Breathwork for Additional Needs

with Ethanie Jackson-Turner

Tues 13th February | 7-7:45pm

This class is to help those that have additional needs with breathing techniques to help find calm when it comes to mental and emotional state.

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Yoga for Back Care for Carers

with Anji Gopal

Tues 20th February | 7-8pm

BackCare Expert & Osteopath Anji Gopal leads a practice focused on taking care of your back - with gentle & powerful practices. 

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Rest and Restore

with Ethanie Jackson-Turner

Tues 27th February | 7-8pm

This class is designed to give both your body and mind time to rest and restore. Restorative yoga supports restoration as well as evenness of mind.


My Yoga Journey and Community Outreach - Davy Jones Brighton Yoga Foundation

Thursday 29th February | 7.00 - 8.00pm
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Join Davy Jones, co-founder of the Brighton Yoga Festival and Brighton Yoga Foundation (BYF) - a registered charity offering a range of therapeutic yoga classes, community and outreach yoga programmes across the city.

Davy will be sharing his yoga journey and how he teaches Ashtanga today and will be joined by a teacher from the Brighton Yoga Festival and Foundation who will share their mission and introduce a student from one of their classes for homeless people who is now training to be a yoga teacher himself. 

The class will include 2 taster yoga sessions from Davy and a BYF teacher.

Props Required: a block, belt, bolster or thick blanket would all be useful

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March 2024

We welcome back Vicky Fox, leading a month of classes that empower you to take an active role in your wellbeing and find some tools over the month that allow the body to repair, heal and nourish. Join these series of accessible classes as Vicky welcomes guest teachers that specialise in women’s health and explore, observe and learn more about you, unique and wonderful you.

Meet our host Vicky Fox

Vicky Fox is a yoga teacher and trainer and author of ‘Yoga for Cancer, A-Z of C’ and 'Tiem to Repair'. Vicky began teaching yoga in 2008 and since 2013 she has specialised in helping those affected by cancer to manage the side effects of their diagnosis and treatment through yoga.

Read more about Vick Fox.

Lunchtime Chair Yoga Class with Karen James

Friday 8th March | 12.00 - 1.00pm
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To celebrate International Women's Day we welcome Karen James, a yoga teacher with a passion for making yoga accessible to all. With a deep understanding of the benefits of yoga for all body types and abilities, Karen is dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all practitioners.

Join Karen’s class to experience the transformative power of yoga in a safe and supportive space. An invitation to move on a chair at your desk, at lunch or on a break. We may sit for Most of the day so here’s a way to use a chair with flair. 

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with Natalie Hall

Wed 6th March | 7-8pm

Join Natalie Hall from Fireflies for a beautiful ballet class. Suitable whether you are a beginner or have experience.

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with Vicky Fox

Wed 13th March | 7-8pm

This class will focus on the lymphatic system and how movement helps to stimulate and boost immunity.

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Yoga for Women's Health

with Tara Lee

Wed 20th March | 7-8pm

This class will focus on postures to support women's health, with emphasis on the pelvic floor and hips.

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with Vicky Fox

Wed 27th March | 7-8pm

This workshop will look at our fantastic feet and how to open them so that we can stand firmly and confidently.


Accessible Yoga Workshop with Jivana Heyman

Thursday 14th March | 6:30 - 7.30pm
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Join Jivana Heyman for an exploration of how we can make yoga accessible, either as teachers working to create welcoming spaces for our students, or as practitioners exploring ways to personalize the practice.

He’ll share some tips for adapting asana as well as lead a short accessible chair yoga session, including asana, pranayama, and meditation.


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