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Collection: Yoga Blankets

 Ideal for restorative yoga classes, our yoga blankets offer soft and gentle comfort. Made from materials such as organic cotton and warming fleece, these yoga props are the perfect accessory for any yoga practice.  The blankets can be folded or rolled to offer a firm yet comfortable support.

Discover wholesale yoga studio supplies at Yogamatters. Whilst our beautifully crafted yoga blankets are designed to offer supportive comfort to your restorative yoga students, you may also which to invest in wholesale yoga mats to further support your students and their needs. As well as to cater for beginner classes or holistic retreats.

What is the difference between a yoga blanket and a regular blanket?
A yoga blanket is slightly thicker than a regular blanket. It is designed to be folded or rolled to support and enhance grip in a number of yoga asanas. A yoga blanket strikes the perfect balance between softness and sturdiness, so that it can offer comfort without slipping around on the mat as a regular blanket might.

What is the purpose of a yoga blanket?
Yoga blankets are designed to offer a more gentle form of support as opposed to yoga bolsters or bricks. A blanket can be folded or rolled to alleviate pressure of pain in joints, and it is an item that is commonly used in restorative yoga practises.

Do you need a blanket for yoga?
Blankets are not essential for yoga, but they are highly recommended as a versatile tool to provide comfort and gentle support. They don't offer as much firm support as a yoga brick, but they are more versatile and adaptable to suit your individual needs. They can be used in multiple types of yoga practises.

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