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Yoga for Backcare Series with Anji Gopal

Join our resident BackCare Expert, Anji Gopal - Osteopath & Yoga Teacher - who has spent a decade helping people with back pain in hospitals, clinics & studios.

Anji runs her own clinic in London & ran an innovative course using Yoga as a treatment for chronic low back pain in the NHS. Back pain is really common - about 40% of us have it. It happens because of injuries, stress, imbalance & more. Thankfully the practices of Yoga - movement, breathing, relaxation - can make powerful changes. Research shows that practicing the right type of yoga can reduce pain and more.

Anji’s 3-part series brings together her knowledge of the body, of how to rebalance, to build strength, to improve health and also to rest.

Access to three specialist videos with Anji anytime, anywhere.


Whats included?

Three expert videos with Anji to support your back health.

Part 1: Build

A 45 minute practice to build strength and flexibility - in a safe way.

Part 2: Maintain

A shorter 30 minute practice for days when you need to do something to take care of your back but time is limited - this will keep things on track.

Part 3: Rest & Reset

Stress and tiredness can contribute to back pain. This longer 60 minute class gives time for your whole body and spine to benefit from restful stretching & relaxation. Together, this series deliver a total home practice.

Disclaimer: This is a home-practice & no individual advice or direction will be given. If you are unsure about the suitability, please check with your medical practitioner.


Meet Anji

"Soon after graduating as an Osteopath, I found that much of what I was sharing with my patients came from my yoga knowledge – how to move, how to breathe, how to find comfort whilst in discomfort. 

A year after graduating I opened my own clinic and also began work in the NHS with patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP). In 2016 I trialled a yoga-based programme in the NHS for CLBP. A multi-faceted yoga practice (movement, breath, relaxation, philosophy) can target many of the causes and symptoms of back pain. 

After years of sharing this work with patients and students, I know how powerful it can be. It's such a joy to share this useful work with anyone who needs it - and I can't wait to share it with you."


Recommended Props

Anji recommends having these props or similar items to hand to make the most of the practices.

Bringing together my knowledge of the body, osteopathy & pain with my yoga knowledge has been transformational – for me & for my patients & students.

Anji Gopal

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