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The Yogamatters Community Class

Welcome to our community. Join us for our Free Online Community Classes and Courses. View our upcoming schedule here.

September Schedule

Vinyasa Flow with Coco
Tuesday 26th September |  7.30-8.30pm

Join Coco for a creative, playful Vinyasa Flow class. Vinyasa Flow is a style of yoga where poses are strung together to form one fluid sequence of movement. This class will be rhythmical, focusing on connecting your movements with the rhythm of your breath. Vinyasa means to move with the breath, essentially a Vinyasa class's core.

You’ll explore transitions between asanas (postures) with less time in stationary poses. Expect an energetic class with the option to practice with a curated playlist. You don’t need any yoga experience to join. All levels and abilities are welcome.

 You’ll require a comfortable prop to sit on, which could be a block, cushion or chair, a non-slippery surface to practice on, cushions/pillows/blanket/blocks, and comfortable clothes you can freely move in.


October Schedule

Yoga for Mental Health with James Chapman
Tuesday 3rd October |  7-8pm

Modern day living often finds us on the go all the time, rushing from place to place and any space, which 20 years ago would have been a quiet time, now may see us with our faces glued to our phones.We don't switch off!

This is one of the biggest problems in modern life. Ask yourself, when do you ever relax and I mean REALLY relax? No phones, no podcasts, no Netflix. Just ourselves surrendering to glorious peace. 

In this class we will explore simple but effective ways to switch on our relaxation response with a gentle but deep and complete practice followed by a yoga nidra to find safety in stillnessTake some time and switch your self off.

Yoga for Furstration with Golnaz Maleki
Thursday 5th October |  7-8pm

A class to help with the extreme irritability that can occur during the Menopause journey, especially during the Perimenopause.

This class will be specifically aimed towards releasing hot emotions from the body.During this time when hormone fluctuations are happening on a daily and even moment to moment basis, it is important to understand the reasons why and to be able to collect some tools to help that will be able to help create space between us and our emotions.

We will use breath work (pranayama), Mudras (hand gestures), Asanas (postures) that will work towards calming the frustration and rage during this transitional part of a woman’s journey.We will then slow down have a few moments of reflection and rest.

Yoga for the Nervous System with Laura Wilson
Tuesday 10th October |  6:30-7:30pm

Shake off your stress and come home to your Self. When we are braced against life’s challenges, we can miss the subtle moments that make life special. Whether you are wired, tired, low, overwhelmed (or all the above!) this practice is here for you. By inviting you to both ‘lift’ and ‘lower’ the autonomic nervous system,

Laura will offer you the space to let go of the protective mechanisms that hold you in your suffering and move you towards a place of balance and regulation. The class will include breath, movement and meditation. While Laura is trauma-informed, not every practice may be suitable for every body, and you are encouraged to discern what feels right for you, moment to moment.

No props are required for this class, but if you normally find blocks or bricks helpful for sitting or during asana it will be helpful to have them near by. You may also like a blanket, bolster or pillow and eye pillow for savasana.

Yoga for MS, Long Covid, & Fatigue with Veronique Gauthier
Tuesday 17th October |  7-8pm

Join Véronique for a yoga therapy class for those living with Multiple Sclerosis, Long Covid and/or Fatigue. Medical research has shown that low-level inflammation is linked to all these conditions, amongst others. This type of silent, chronic, systemic inflammation affects the brain and nervous system and promotes fatigue.

The good news is that lifestyle changes – and in particular yoga therapy - are highly effective in managing this type of low-level inflammation.This yoga therapy session will begin with breath awareness and very gentle movement to prepare the body for the breath. The focus of the initial breathing practice will be to improve oxygen delivery to all the cells in our body, to maximise our energy level. We’ll then progressively add more movement and change our breathing pattern to facilitate relaxation, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory tool. We’ll finish by bringing in more balance in our body and mind with a chakra relaxation.

You don’t need any yoga experience to join this class, and all levels and abilities are welcome. For this class, you’ll require cushions/pillows/blankets and comfortable clothes. You might also want to have a chair nearby.

Yoga for Back Care with Ethanie Jackson Turner
Tuesday 24th October |  7-8pm

Join Ethanie for a Yoga for BackCare class to help improve or maintain the strength and mobility of your lower back and/or spine.

You will be guided through gentle and accessible asanas, pranayama, and a guided relaxation all to help you feel connected to a deeper internal awareness of not just your spine but your body as a whole.

This class is suitable for those of you with general aches, but not acute or new pain.Props: x2 blankets, a belt, a chair, a bolster and an eye pillow.

Yoga for Recalibration with Ucci Ask
Thursday 26th October |  7-8pm

Join Ucci for a class that combines Somatic movements with Restorative Yoga postures. A practice you could call "a gateway to the Parasympathetic Nervous System”, with an intention to truly soothe and calm the body and mind.

In this class you will get an introduction to "Somatic movements", a practice often used to acknowledge where we are holding tension in the body - and how we can find pathways to release, re-learn and recalibrate our soma. The word “soma" derives from ancient Greek, meaning “the living body in all it’s wholeness”. As we learn to perceive, sense and feel the “body from within”, we learn how to self-educate, self-regulate and self-heal! In short and most importantly, to teach muscles how to relax - and stay that way!In the Restorative Yoga that follows on from gentle Somatic movements, we'll learn how to use props, such as folded blankets, Yoga bolsters and blocks etc, in postures held in stillness for longer periods of time. This allows the body to be entirely supported and we can fully immerse and relax into the pose - encouraging that well-needed moment of calm!No need for previous experience, all levels and abilities are welcome.

For this class you’ll require cushions/pillows/blankets and it’s recommended to wear comfortable clothing in layers. Suggested Yoga props: one bolster, two bricks, three blankets (at least!) and eye bag/soft scarf to cover your eyes.


Every week

Lunchtime Meditation with Esther Ekhart
Every Thursday from 12 noon GMT

We are deligted to support Esther Ekhart's weekly lunchtime meditation.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of taking a moment in the middle of the day and sign up.

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