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Joining Together

Live Classes, Courses and Conversations with Yogamatters

Since 1996 Yogamatters has served the yoga and wellbeing community. Our 27 years of dedication to offering quality products, information, and service has connected us to thousands of teachers and studios, and hundreds of thousands of people from around the world pursuing a yoga practice and wellbeing lifestyle. We are grateful for being on this journey together.

Our mission for our community is to bring people together. We believe wellbeing, in all its many forms, is an ongoing quest for a balanced life; both as individuals and collectively. Wellbeing matters, yet it’s often not as high a priority as it should be. Every way we turn we’re reminded to focus on ourselves, on our mental and physical health but often just managing day-to-day life can feel overwhelming.

Yogamatters online community is designed to offer a moment in the week to pause and give ourselves time to find, and restore our balance.

Everyone is warmly welcomed to join us online. We hope to see you soon.



Live Classes, Courses and Conversations 

Our online community of classes, courses, and conversations are available to everyone who has online access. To all the teachers who taught on our platform, thank you for trusting us, and thank you for sharing your time and knowledge. To our customers who have practiced with us, thank you for taking part. It is wonderful practicing, learning, and growing together.



Community Blog

Our blog is a space where we share stories, interviews and articles from our Community and the practice. Find inspiration with practical tips and inspiring individuals.


Featured Articles

Discover practical inspiration for your practice from our community of teachers in our series of guides. 

Shining a light on our community 

Discover interviews with those who inspire us. Grab a cup of tea, find a cosy spot and relish in stories, learnings and more.

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