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The Re-emergence of Tama-re Smai Taui Afrikan Yoga

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Product Description

For thousands of years, Afrikan Yogic Masters have taught some of the secrets contained in this book to only a small number of students in esoteric circles.

The movement, techniques and principles are the foundation of the Pablo Imani Method that enables the practitioner to transform their energy, invigorating and rejuvenating the entire nervous system, thereby strengthening the body as well as the subtle energies of the human being. This process of transformation acquaints the mental, spiritual and physical energies to higher states of consciousness.

This book teaches:

  • The Afrikan Smai practices of spiritual alchemy Psychological and spiritual health
  • The understanding of the number nine related to your health
  • Hekau Afrikan mantras that transform the body, spirit and mind
  • The understanding and balancing of the Afrikan seats of light, the nine chakras
  • How to develop increased mobility, internal strength, libido and clarity using the ancient practices of Tama-re Smai Taui Afrikan Yoga


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