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Made By Zen Super Therapy Oil - Lunar

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Product Description

Cedarwood, Juniper, Neroli Light & Ylang-Ylang

Supercharge your moon ritual and create a cosmic escape.

Reminiscent of the cool night air and the feeling of basking under the moonlight. The practice of Moon bathing refers to the cosmic pursuit of lying in moonlight, known to bring the mind and body into harmony, reducing stress and anxiety and balancing hormonal cycles, particularly for women. Moon bathing can help improve sleep. 

Step into the soothing world of Super Lunar, a celestial blend of essential oils designed to evoke the serene ambiance of moonlit nights. Immerse yourself in the lunar magic and experience the benefits of this exquisite blend - rediscover serenity, balance, and alignment with the cosmos through the art of Super Lunar.

This extraordinary composition features Cedarwood and Juniper, both renowned for their calming and relaxing properties, easing stress and anxiety and balancing mood swings. In addition, the blend contains Neroli Light, extracted from orange blossoms and exotic Ylang Ylang, which are natural mood lifters and promoting relaxation and emotional balance. 

BENEFITS: Calm & Relax, Happy & Uplifting, Breathe & De-stress

  • 10ml glass bottle
  • Extracted by steam distillation
  • Perfect for use with all MADE BY ZEN Aroma Diffusers 
  • Use with oil burners and to refresh other scented objects.  
  • Blend into a base oil or cream for use on the body.  Seek prior advice from an aromatherapist.


made by zen
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100% natural essential oil - Cedarwood, Juniper, Neroli Light & Ylang-Ylang
Care Instructions

For external use only. Avoid contact with eye area. Do not ingest. Discontinue product use if there is any redness or itching.




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