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Knee Mat Pad

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The 15mm thick Knee Mat Pad is ideal for use in addition to your yoga or Pilates mat to give your knees some extra cushioning and comfort when performing kneeling postures and poses.

The mat is 60cm wide so it will cover most mats widthways so you don't need to worry about the position of your knees on the mat as much as individual knee pads. Easy to carry as it's made from a super lightweight NBR foam, which is also non-absorbent and can be wiped clean. This mat can be used in a variety of classes including; Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, HIIT, CrossFit, Circuits, BodyPump, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, or any time you might want some protection for your knees from hard surfaces! 

But why stop at using this mat for your knees? It can also be used under hands to help with wrist/palm discomfort, or under elbows too.


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Product Weight
Mat Thickness
Made In
Made From
NBR Rubber, DOP, AZO, Heavy Metal, Phenol, and Phthalate free
Suitable For
Knee support, wrist support, ankle and elbow support
Care Instructions
Closed cell foam, non-absorbent & wipe clean
61cm x 25cm x 1.5cm



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