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Collection: Yogamad Accessories & Equipment

Take your yoga sessions to the next level with our collection of props and accessories from Yogamad. With well designed and durable equipment and accessories made with premium materials - each piece is tailored to support your journey from providing stability to improving your stretches. Find everything you need from Swiss balls to resistance bands and padded yoga mats for extra comfort. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a newbie looking to get started, this collection is designed with all levels in mind to support your practice. Discover our Yogamad collection and deepen your connection to your movement.

The right equipment can take your yoga sessions to new heights, from supporting you in postures to providing you with comfort. Yogamad are experts in crafting high-quality gear for your yoga practice and having the right equipment is only the start of the many ways you can deepen your practice. If you're searching for more ways to enhance your yoga sessions, then browse through our range of yoga chairs for a versatile prop to support back bends and seated twists, or discover ropes and swings, belts and blocks and bricks to provide yourself with extra stability and support.

Do you need any equipment for yoga?
You don't need a lot of yoga equipment, but as you embark upon your yoga journey, you might find areas where you need additional support. Props such as blocks and bricks can be wonderful for advancing your practice, while a belt or strap can remove strain from particular asanas. Cushions can also be useful for added comfort and support. You'll also want to grab yourself a water bottle and bag if you're planning to head out to classes for your Yoga sessions. The most important thing is to invest in a good mat that will provide you with cushion and support during your practice. Whether you're a novice or advanced in the world of yoga, a good mat is key.

Can I do yoga at home by myself?
Of course, you can. Having a teacher or yoga group that can help to guide you is advised, so you can gain an understanding of yoga and the asanas but this can serve as the foundation for your home practice. If you want to do yoga at home all you need is a high-quality yoga mat, a nice spacious area, a timer and a plan going into your practice. At Yogamatters, we offer some great online classes that you can enjoy for inspiration. Research which asanas are the best for the areas you want to target, put on some videos if you need extra support and enjoy your independent practice.

What are the benefits of yoga?
Yoga can help improve flexibility, strength and balance which is great for a healthy body, it helps to increase blood flow and contributes to a healthy heart. If you suffer from back pain then yoga is great for stretching out and relaxing your muscles and doctors often recommend yoga and stretching to help loosen your muscles. But yoga doesn't just have physical benefits, it has a multitude of mental health advantages including reducing stress and promoting relaxation which can contribute to higher quality of sleep making it a great exercise for your body, mind and spirit.

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