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Vicky Fox 

Vicky Fox is a yoga teacher and trainer and author of ‘Yoga for Cancer' and 'Time to Repair'. Vicky began teaching yoga in 2008 and since 2013 she has specialised in helping those affected by cancer to manage the side effects of their diagnosis and treatment through yoga.

 Her classes empower students to become present in the most challenging times, release scar tissue and tension in their body and build strength which may be lost. Her second book “ A time to Repair” focuses on how we can use yoga as a tool for healing with short sequences that are easy to fit into your day.

Vicky Fox's Books

Time for Repair

In this practical, illustrated guide to developing a yoga practice that supports healing, 5 minutes at a time, Vicky shows how to help the body restore balance, optimising the natural potential to repair following adverse events.

Yoga for Cancer 

Specialist yoga teacher Vicky Fox shows how to mitigate the side effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment using yoga ('breath-informed movement') to help anyone diagnosed with any type of cancer cope with the symptoms and the symptoms of treatment.



In 2008 Vicky completed 200 hour training with yoga alliance and her teaching style is very much influenced by further anatomy trainings with Doug Keller (2009 -2018)

In 2013 Vicky completed 150 hours yoga for survivors training with Laura Kupperman looking at how yoga can support those impacted by cancer.

Vicky started working with cancer charities Pauls Cancer Support Centre and later Future Dreams House.

In 2021 Vicky trained with Leslie Howard Pelvic Floor training.

In 2023 Vikcy qualified as a Breathwork coach with Inspirational Breathing (Nicola Price).

Favourite Props

I am a huge fan of yogamatter yoga props and think they are such an essential part of making a yoga class accessible to everyone. Yoga bricks and chairs elevate the floor making poses like forward folds safe and achievable. I love a yoga strap to help lengthen my arms or to use as a prop to give feedback on a pose for example looping a strap around the base of the ribs to “feel” breath moving front, side and back of the rib cage as you breathe into the strap. Bolsters are great to allow us to let go and release areas of the body that are being held tight. Often we hold tension at the front of the body so its great to drape yourself over a bolster, breathe and allow the body to let go of tension.

Upcoming workshops, trainings, and retreats


40 hour Teacher Training -  in the UK at Mission E1 19th - 22nd September at Bubble Yoga Zurich 18 - 21st April

Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals to give you the tools to create a safe and healing environment to teach yoga and relaxation to anyone diagnosed with cancer or any long term health conditions. It is open to qualified or accredited teachers of yoga or therapists with a committed yoga practice.



Where to find Vicky | @yogaforcancer

"Yoga has taught me that although I may not be in control of what happens in my life I am in control of my response."

Vicky Fox

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