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Collection: Yoga Starter Kits

Yoga is a great form of exercise to build a better mind, body, and spirit connection. The practise is accessible to anyone, no matter your ability or experience, requiring just a few simple items to get started. Our yoga starter kits are perfect for those looking to incorporate yoga into their daily lifestyle. Each kit contains a slip-resistant yoga mat, supportive yoga blocks and a yoga belt to assist you when you need a deeper stretch. Shop the full collection of yoga kits for beginners below to kickstart your journey.

Our carefully curated range of yoga kits for beginners is designed to make at-home practise accessible for any budding enthusiast. Featuring eco-friendly options in a range of colours, the yoga kits contain supportive props that are built for durability. With entry-level options available there's no better time to start your wellbeing journey, browse yoga starter kits in the collection above.

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