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Yoga in Nature and Natural Props for Yoga

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Product Description

Yoga in Nature and Natural Props for Yoga offers a highly original exploration – both philosophical and practical – of practicing yoga in nature.
The authors, Dr. Eyal Shifroni, a senior Iyengar yoga teacher, and Ohad Nachtomy, a philosophy professor at Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and dedicated yoga practitioner, join forces to compose this original book. Drawing on their personal experiences and deep appreciation for practicing yoga in natural surroundings, they explore the profound connection between humanity and the natural world. They strive to convey the unique and transformative effects of practicing yoga in nature.
As practitioners of the Iyengar method of yoga, Eyal and Ohad demonstrate how nature offers a myriad of extraordinary props for enhancing one's yoga practice. They offer insightful suggestions for using the sand on the beach, the trees in the forest, and the rocks in the mountains as natural aids for yoga. By tapping into the inherent qualities of these elements, practitioners can deepen their practice and find new dimensions of support, stability, and inspiration.
The book features plentiful color photographs and detailed instructions that elucidate the use of natural elements as yoga props. It also offers a fine artistic design. The visual guidance combined with clear explanations facilitates and inspires practitioners to incorporate nature's resources into their yoga practice.
Yoga in Nature and Natural Props for Yoga serves as a valuable resource for yoga enthusiasts seeking to explore the fusion of yoga and the natural world, offering inspiration and practical guidance for practicing amidst the beauty and abundance of nature.


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