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Palm of Feronia Essential Incense - Ground

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Product Description

Designed to compliment your slow, intentional self-care ritual, this hand-blended and hand-dipped incense from Palm of Feronia is crafted to evoke a sense of grounding, to bring you back to yourself.

The deeply grounding aroma is made up of vetiver, rich, earthy cedarwood, and uplifting orange essential oil – all of which are said to be hugely beneficial in elevating the mood and aiding relaxation. 

Each jar contains eighteen cones and a grounding tourmaline crystal. Each crystal is intentionally charged with reiki energy.


palm of feronia
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Made From
Hand blended, hand dipped mix of aromatic herbs, natural resins, woods, flowers, oils and spices. Free from charcoal, heavy metals and harmful chemicals
Care Instructions
Some essential oils can be toxic to animals. Please take caution around children and animals.
18 cones



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