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Collection: Yoga & Meditation Kits

Whether you're a beginner to yoga, or you're looking to enhance your practice, we've curated a range of yoga and meditation kits suited to a variety of practice goals and needs. Whether you're looking to improve your balance, flexibility, strength or mindfulness, we've got a kit to help you do just that. Featuring a range of yoga mats, yoga props and supportive cushions, our yoga kits provide a great foundation for a well-rounded and supported practice.

Our yoga and meditation prop kits have been thoughtfully designed to support your practice, whether at home or in the studio. Looking for further ways to deepen your practice? Take a look at our collection of yoga books, covering a huge range of topics from yoga's rich history through to more modern practices. A yoga book can serve as a guide and make a great addition to your home practice setup to help you get more from your yoga and meditation.

What kit do you need for a yoga session?
For many types of yoga practice, a mat is sufficient, however if you wish to both deepen and support your practice, then some extra kit is recommended. Using props such as bricks or blocks can help you to deepen a stretch, or support you in a balance, while a strap can act as an additional support in bends and binds. You can also use bolsters, blankets and eye pillows to aid your relaxation during the beginning and end of your practice.

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