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Yogamatters Hemp Yoga Belt - Natural

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Product Description

From our bestselling hemp collection comes the hemp yoga belt, a useful prop to help you maintain alignment during yoga poses. The combination of the strong metal buckle, wider width, and durable hemp material, makes our hemp yoga belt the perfect accompaniment to your yoga kit. 

Hemp is an extremely versatile plant, with all aspects of the plant being used for either food or textiles. Also, very little water and no pesticides are used in the growing of hemp, making our Hemp Yoga Belt the sustainable choice for our eco-conscious Yogi. 

  • made from 100% extremely durable hemp and metal buckle
  • features a metal sliding bar buckle, which can be used to adjust the length
  • crafted in India, in a factory that Yogamatters has visited and works closely with to ensure good working conditions.
  • regularly used in poses such as paschimottanasana (forward bend) and gomukhasana (cow face pose) to extend and lengthen the reach

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Product Weight
Made In
Made From

100% Hemp, metal buckle

Suitable For
Extending and deepening reach in yoga postures
Care Instructions

Clean with a soft brush and lukewarm soap water

250cm x 4.2cm



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