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Toe Separators & Socks

Toe spacers can be used to improve your flow by correcting the natural alignment of your foot, as well as relieving pressure in the area. Perfect for restorative yoga, toe separators can help you to relax and recondition your feet, easing pain related to common issues. Additionally, they can help you to achieve a deeper stretch and reach challenge yourself further in your yoga practice.

How long should I wear Yoga Toes?
If you’re new to using toe separators, aim to use them for 15-20 minutes per day. If you have no problems, increase the time you wear them gradually until you can comfortably wear them for one hour a day.

Can you walk in toe separators?
It isn’t recommended to walk in toe separators, they should be worn barefoot and only used when practising poses or when in a seated position. You also should not sleep in toe separators.

What are the benefits of toe separators?
Toe separators can relieve pain related to common foot issues, as well as improve your flexibility, balance, and stability. They help by spreading body weight more evenly across the surface of the foot.