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Collection: Wellbeing Gifts

Looking for self-care and wellbeing gifts? Browse our full collection of handpicked favourites. From sustainable balms, soaks and masks to books and accessories that focus on mind, body and within.

Looking for self care products to give to a loved one as a gift, or to enjoy yourself? Discover our health and wellbeing gift ideas, featuring essential oils and home fragrance, books, card decks, yoga props and much more. There's something for every yoga lover with our full range of self care gifts at Yogamatters.

What are good self care gifts?
A good self care gift can be anything that will help your loved one to take some time for themself in a way that they enjoy. There is no one-size-fits-all, that's why we've curated this collection with an extensive range of self-care gift ideas to help inspire you and find the perfect gift for the individual you're buying for. Whether you wish to gift them some beauty products so they can enjoy a pamper session, something that will help them enhance their mindfulness practice, or perhaps a nice calming cup of tea for them to take a brief peaceful moment, these gifts cater to various aspects of self-care, promoting relaxation, mindfulness, and physical well-being.

What to put in a self care gift box
A self-care gift box is a wonderful idea to treat your loved one and encourage them to take some time out to look after their health and wellbeing. Self care can be different to each and every person, and so choosing items that you know your loved one will enjoy is the best route to take. We recommend choosing items that can help to promote relaxation, self-reflection or escapism. You could add items that encourage mindfulness, such as a journal for reflection or affirmation cards for positive reinforcement. Skincare products like a nourishing face mask or essential oils can also enhance self care and create a spa-like experience. Perhaps a good book and a box of herbal tea can provide entertainment and relaxation. Tailor the contents of your self care gift box to the recipient's preferences and interests and you can't go wrong.