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Collection: Lifestyle and Wellness Books

Prioritise your physical and mental health with our collection of wellbeing and lifestyle books. Whether you're curious about how to practise more mindful thinking, wanting to learn more about the positive effects of yoga or looking for ways to practise self-love, we've got a book for you. Our selection of carefully curated books cover a wide variety of topics for those striving to live a more mindful, relaxed and purposeful life. From poetry to guides to mindful yoga, sleep meditations, calming workbooks and more from a range of well established authors and teachers. Shop the full collection of lifestyle and wellbeing books below to support your mindfulness journey.

Expand your knowledge on health, wellness, yoga and spirituality with our collection of lifestyle and wellness books. Whether you're looking for a practical guide to yoga and meditation, searching for advice on self care or curious about more spiritual and slow ways of living, there's a book for you here at Yogamatters. Browse through our further collections of books on Women's Health, Yoga History and Philosophy and Mindful Living and more to delve deeper into the areas of yoga and mindfulness that interest you.

Why is wellness and lifestyle important?
Practising a healthy lifestyle and wellness is crucial to preventing and managing both physical and mental illnesses. Making the conscious effort to engage in wellness activities and better your lifestyle can not only help improve your mental health and happiness but is also beneficial to managing chronic illnesses, reducing stress and anxiety and improving cognitive function. By putting effort into creating a positive, healthy lifestyle you will attract healthier relationships, enhance your self-awareness and encourage personal growth.

What are the most important things for wellness?
Wellness covers all areas of both your physical and mental health. The most important things for your physical wellness include, focusing on proper nutrition, staying active through exercise and ensuring your have the appropriate health care. Mental wellness covers everything from finding support for your emotions, creating healthy relationships, practising self-love and gratitude, as well as connecting to your spiritual side. The key to practising wellness is to focus on the things that make your body and mind feel good and eliminating anything that has a negative impact on your mind and body,.

What is the best book for self love?
Self love covers a wide range of areas, both physical and mental self love can be found in many different ways. Some of the best books for self love that are available here at Yogamatters are, Being In Your Body by Fariha Róisín, Home Body by Rupi Kaur and The Self Care Year by Alison Davies. All of these books offer a different approach to promoting self care, providing you with practical advice and spiritual thinking to support your self love journey.

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