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The School of Life Emotional Barometer Cards

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Product Description

It’s sometimes remarkably hard to tell other people how we really feel; it may even be tricky for us to get clear about our own moods.

So mostly, if people ask how we are, we’ll just say, ‘Fine’ – while of course knowing we’ve only provided a sharp abbreviation of all that’s actually going on in our minds.

This set of 20 cards with a movable dial on the a tool to help us over our vagueness: cards that crisply, deeply and at points wittily define twenty moods that we can all recognise but that we sometimes have a hard time pinning down and explaining.

Here are descriptions of – among many other things – the sense of feeling Weepy, Nostalgic, Anxious and Dreamy. The cards help us to get a clearer understanding of our inner emotional weather – and at the same time, can be passed on to friends and colleagues (or simply displayed on our desk) so that the world can better know what’s going inside us – without our needing to explain too much. 


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