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Light on Yoga

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It's nearly 40 years since 'Light on Yoga' brought yoga to a Western audience and this book is now an essential guide for yoga students at every level.

Regarded by many as the Bible of modern yoga, this book is the definitive guide to the philosophy and practice of yoga. The book includes classic photos and instruction on asana and pranayama, a 300 week practice and development programme and yoga sequences to help heal a range of illnesses and conditions.

Throughout his life, BKS Iyengar devoted himself to his lifelong practice, study and teaching of yoga becoming the greatest exponent of yoga the world has yet seen. One of his most famous pupils was the world-renowned violinist Yehudi Menuhin and it was Menuhin who invited him to teach in the West. More than anyone, Iyengar is responsible for bringing yoga from the East to the West. Teaching until his mid-nineties, a remarkable and inspirational feat in itself, BKS Iyengar remained a student until the end. He was known affectionately to his students as Guruji. He believed wholeheartedly in yoga for all, irrespective of sex, race, class or creed. In 1966, he published this ground-breaking book ‘Light on Yoga’ to bring yoga out from the darkness. He went on to write a vast number of inspirational books in which he explored diverse aspects of yoga.



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