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Forage Botanicals Aunt Flo's Raw Drinking Chocolate

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Support your body during and after a heavy period.

Inspired by traditional western herbal medicine, Forage Botanicals creates natural products to help menstruators with the common complaints of periods.

Designed with heavy periods in mind, this drinking chocolate features raw cacao, nettle and raspberry, with absolutely no sweetners or dairy.

Sweeten it exactly as you like, and serve with your milk of choice. The founder’s favourite is making it with a rich coconut milk and sweetening with muscovado sugar.

A cup of hot chocolate is recommended every day for 7 days before you bleed, and an additional 7 days once your period has begun.

Made using 2 tsp of chocolate, a jar will last for a month, or if you’re making it at the super strength level of 4 tsp per cup, you'll need 2 jars. Nettle and cacao are high in iron and you’ll really notice the taste when you make a super-strength batch. If you’re having heavy periods and feel like you need more iron, this taste will feel incredibly nourishing.


forage botanicals
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Theobroma cacao (raw cacao), Urtica dioica (nettle) and Rubus idaeus (raspberry leaf)
Care Instructions
Store out of direct sunlight. Avoid prolonged exposure to hot electric lights.



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