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The School of Life Travel Therapy Cards

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Product Description

52 cards to deepen and transform the experience of travel. Going travelling can be one of life’s greatest activities – but often, we fail to deepen the experience as much as we should and return home with some of the promise of our trip unrealised. Here is a pack of cards designed to help us get the very best out of travel – and to embed its greatest lessons in our minds.

The cards contain questions that we can reflect on ourselves (in a journal or on a train ride) or ask others in a group – and that lead us to think deeply about how we might derive maximal satisfaction from a trip.

This is an ingenious, low-tech, high-impact solution to one of the great conundrums of travel: how to ensure that the reality of going away will match our hopes.

1. Use these cards to enrich conversation with yourself and others while you are on a trip.
2. Use them particularly at the close of each day.
3. Consider using each question as the title of a journal entry.
4. Adopt a more conscious, psychologically-searching way of travelling – and enlist kind friends in your ambitions.

Cards will propose questions such as:
• What is this destination trying – in its way – to teach you?
• Local shops might be trying to sell you souvenirs. What ideas might you take away from here instead?
• What would you like not to forget about being here?
• How could you change your life in some way because of what you have seen here?


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