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The School of Life What Do I Really Want to Achieve?

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Product Description

This is a tool for helping you focus on what you need to be fulfilled so that you can direct your energies and thoughts most effectively.

It can be hard to decide what we really want to achieve in our lives; our ambitions are often scattered, diverse and difficult to pin down. This deck contains 160 cards detailing our most common ambitions and longings, along with instructions on how to reflect on our goals, arrange them in a logical order of priorities and, where necessary, weigh up trade-offs. Using the cards will help us to reveal our true purpose. The cards can be displayed, photographed or kept close to hand as a reminder of the path ahead. This is a simple-seeming but ingenious psychological tool for converting hunches and dreams into a realisable future.

  • Contains 160 cards that represent possible goals and priorities. There are 140 goals and priorities arranged into 10 categories, corresponding to the areas of life we all need to focus on in order to find fulfillment: Body, Family, Friendship/Sociability, Leisure, Love, Meaning, Money, Mood, Self and Work.
  • There are also included 20 blank cards, so you can write down any goals or priorities that aren’t included in this set. In the booklet, you'll find six exercises for using the cards. Don’t feel obliged to use any of them: you might just want to arrange the cards yourself according to whatever order comes to mind.

The School of Life has designed the exercises to give you a means of selecting and organising your goals, helping you determine which are the most important, urgent, realistic or meaningful, so that you can establish a plan for achieving or prioritising those you choose.

Once chosen, the cards can be used however you see fit. You might find it useful to keep them close at hand, perhaps tucked into a purse or wallet, pinned to a noticeboard, or photographed on your phone, as a reminder of where you are truly headed.


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