Yogamatters Meditation Cushion - Box of 6

This is a great all-round meditation cushion that allows you to adopt a relaxed, yet alert posture - be it kneeling astride the cushion, or sitting with your legs crossed in front of you.

  • the height of the cushion makes it easy on the knees and ankles
  • the height can be adjusted by adding or removing the buckwheat filling, helping to prevent the legs from falling asleep
  • ideal for lotus or half-lotus style sitting meditation postures
  • the convenient handle makes it easy to carry.
  • comes with a long lasting removable cotton cover that is machine-washable


Yogamatters offers a generous discount on products that are bought wholesale. We are unable to amend the quantity pack size or mix colours if this is not an option. If you decide to return an item, you must return the full pack.