Yogamatters Handy Yoga Hand Towel - Box of 10

'The Handy' from Yogamatters is the perfect accessory for a hot sweaty yoga practice or gym session. This versatile yoga hand towel is great for wicking away sweat on hands, face and body or for laying at the top of a yoga mat for an improved grip.
•    made from sweat absorbent microfibre to wick away moisture
•    quick drying
•    lightweight and handy
•    contains recycled polyester
•    machine washable
If using 'The Handy' on a light-coloured mat, there is a chance that the colour may transfer to the mat.


Yogamatters offers a generous discount on products that are bought wholesale. We are unable to amend the quantity pack size or mix colours if this is not an option. If you decide to return an item, you must return the full pack.