Yogamatters Chipped Foam Yoga Block - Box of 20

This environmentally sound yoga block is made from densely compressed chipped foam. Available as a box of 20, this block is the choice for earth-conscious yoga teachers wanting to provide students with a reliable block to support their practice.

  • uses offcuts from manufacturing other foam products
  • the colour varies from batch to batch, but is always mottled
  • the firmest chipped foam block available
  • enhance your practice by supporting, stabilising and aligning the body
  • sit on one to raise your hips for a straighter spine or put four together for a classic shoulder stand support

Please be aware that due to the chipped nature of this product, it is not as durable as the Yogamatters foam blocks which are made from a single piece of foam. It is a good idea to store these blocks out of sunlight to avoid discolouration.

Yogamatters offers a generous discount on products that are bought wholesale. We are unable to amend the quantity pack size or mix colours if this is not an option. If you decide to return an item, you must return the full pack.