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Vol 6 Chaturtha Pranayama & Introduction to Prana Nidra

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1. Chaturtha Pranayama 2. Introduction to Prana Nidra. Chaturtha Pranayama is both a meditation practice and a pranayama (breathing practice), combining awareness of breath, the mantra OM, and the chakras (subtle energy centres of the body). Chaturtha Pranayama (pranayama of the fourth state), means a transcendental state beyond words. It leads to a deeper awareness and understanding of the chakras and is a useful preparation for more advanced meditation practices. The introductory practice of Prana Nidra combines awareness of breath, chakras (subtle energy centres) and nadis (energy channels). It provides a solid foundation for Prana Vidya and other advanced meditation practices.

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Swami Pragyamurti



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