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Vinyasa Yoga Workbook

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Product Description

The Vinyasa Yoga Workbook is a workbook for those who want to choose their own sequence of asanas as they see fit with no set superimposed structure.

As we consider yoga to be the universal language of body, mind and spirit, the asana are linguistically neutral and there are no explanations of the postures in the workbook. Its goal is to allow more time to be focused on the process of learning itself and ease the construction of your own preferred sequences. The left pages contain artistically hand sketched drawings of 90 positions, grouped into steading and seated poses, backbends, inversions, arm balances and resting poses, while the right page is left blank so you may write down the notes. Some of the Vinyasa Yoga Workbook’s drawings are based upon the photos from David Swenson’s Practice manual.

The Vinyasa Yoga Workbook is designed to be used as a tool to fully understand anatomy, alignment and the technical details and therefore is equally suitable whether you are a teacher or a student, working in a group or alone, using it during teacher trainings, workshops or self-study. It's based upon the Ashtanga style of yoga and modified to fit the faster nature and pace of Vinyasa. It’s made for those who need more force in their yoga and aim for a vigorous powerful sequence.

Vinyasa yoga is a broader yoga term describing the way yoga is performed and can be applied to various styles. It is also often referred to as “power yoga” and the name itself translates as “arranging something in a special way”. In Vinyasa yoga, the movement synchronises to the breath and is also known as “flow yoga”, as the poses flow and become like a dance.

The Vinyasa Yoga Workbook is made from unbleached recycled paper, in A5 format with soft covers, and can be rolled up in a mat. It was designed to be elegant, clean and fluid as to emulate the yoga practice itself. 


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Unbleached recycled paper
A5 - 14.8cm x 21cm
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