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Urban Goddess Pranafied flared yoga pants are flared pants, made from their signature soft certified cotton. The Pranafied yoga leggings have a wide fold-over waistband that can also be worn higher to create high-waisted flared yoga leggings. These pants are perfect for floor yoga (yin, restorative or Pilates) and can also work as maternity yoga pants. The legs of the Pranafied pants open wider towards the bottom, but are just tight enough so that the fabric doesn’t get in the way during your yoga practice. They are perfect to wear casually too. Care information is stamped on the product, no labels are used. Prana is Sanskrit for life energy. Have you ever noticed that you feel more powerful and alive after a yoga class or pranayama (breathing exercises)? That is because your Prana is flowing freely again, making you happy. By diving deeper into pranayama and the system of chakra, you can get to know your own body and energy better, and learn how to influence how you are feeling. That’s empowerment right there! Urban Goddess only use certified organic cotton for their yoga wear – giving you all the benefits of natural breathing fabrics, while at the same time contributing to a healthier environment with happy and healthy workers that are treated and paid fairly.


urban goddess
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92% organic cotton, 8% lycra
Care Instructions
Wash at 30 degrees with similar colours. Do not tumble dry.



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