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Urban Goddess Good Karma Long Sleeved Top - Urban Black

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Product Description

The Good Karma long-sleeved tunic top is a chic, long yoga shirt with long sleeves. Wear the versatile tunic with a high v-neck, or open it up a bit more as it's easily adjustable. The length is adjustable as well: the tunic is a little longer and the fabric is pleated on the sides which allows you to wear it on your hips, or to pull it all the way down. This creates extra comfort on colder days and during slow-paced yoga styles where you stay in poses close to the ground for longer. The extra length also keeps the shirt in place, so it doesn’t slide up.

This long-sleeve top has the same flattering details as the best-selling Good Karma top, but is made from a different fabric, a soft mix of bamboo and organic cotton. This sweat-wicking fabric lets moisture disappear, so your body can maintain its temperature without being too warm or too cold. We love this natural dry-fit function of bamboo.

Urban Goddess use stamps instead of labels, so there is nothing to disturb your practice.

This long sleeve yoga tunic is inspired by Karma, the Sanskrit word for action or activity. Many people think of Karma as some sort of evil force that will punish you for your mistakes. But actually, Karma is a beautiful reminder that every action, every little thing we do, has a result. Action and reaction. You, your life, the universe – everything is constantly in motion and ever-changing. Whether that’s good or bad is entirely up to you.


urban goddess
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Made From
68% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 4% elasane
Care Instructions
Wash at 30 degrees with similar colours. Do not tumble dry.



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