Urban Goddess Bhav Tunic - Rust

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Bhav is a long yoga top that can also be worn as a yoga tunic. The Bhav yoga tunic features a broad waistband, which is very practical for your inversions, so definitely no sliding or bare bellies during your Sarvangasana, and also wonderful if you want your belly to be covered. This yoga top is extra long and therefore a great item for tall yoginis. This yoga tunic also has wide sleeves and a wide neckline – nice to wear off one shoulder, so you should never feel restricted in any asana during your yoga practice. Stretch any way you like! The Bhav top is an effortless yoga piece to also style up and mix with your casual wardrobe. Bhav is a Sankrit word and a quick translation is: emotions. But in yoga tradition it has a much deeper meaning. It points to completely immersing yourself in the infinite awareness of the higher self or the Divine. Bhav constitutes of several levels, there are also different kinds of Bhav in different yoga traditions. For us, Bhav is a feeling of positive vibes during your yoga class.


urban goddess
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92% organic cotton, 8% lycra
Care Instructions
Wash at 30 degrees with similar colours. Do not tumble dry.



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