Thriving Yoga for Breast Cancer

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In the UK, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) officially recognises that based on 10 clinical trials performed - yoga could help to reduce anxiety, depression, fatigue and stress for some patients. Yoga for Cancer is the first DVD created exclusively to address the needs of breast cancer battlers and survivors. The yoga poses were chosen not only for their stress reducing and energizing properties, but also to address the unique needs of breast cancer battlers.

It incorporates a special series of poses that will increase flexibility, bring healing energy to the areas that need it most, calm the nervous system, and relax the mind and body. We are just beginning to understand the profound impact and power of the mind-body connection as it relates to cancer. Studies have shown that women with breast cancer who participated regularly in yoga classes were more relaxed, experienced less pain and fatigue, had better quality of life, and was half as likely to be depressed as their counterparts. We seek to complement traditional medicine and treatments with our healing and restorative yoga practice.

The video creates active energy through standing poses, restorative energy through mat poses, and mental and physical relaxation from meditation. The practice can be done in the privacy of your home, with friends, or in a communal setting with other survivors.

10% of all our sales from this DVD are donated to Maggie's Cancer Centres in the UK.

Our goal is to move from surviving breast cancer to thriving after breast cancer.

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Yoga for Breast Cancer


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