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The Complete Book of Yoga Inversions

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Product Description

Turn your yoga routine on its head!

Designed to take you from a beginner to intermediate to advanced yoga student, this helpful guide shows you how to progress from downward dog to the most intricate of handstand poses.

Inversions and arm balances are considered the pinnacle of yoga training. They have numerous benefits and are often some of the most beautiful poses in a yoga practice. They also have a huge intimidation factor, but are easily accessible when learned in progressions for proficiency and safety.

The Complete Book of Yoga Inversions is the ultimate collection of the most common inversions and arm balances that are found in a variety of styles of yoga (Ashtanga, Bikram, power, hatha, and more), including:

  • Foundational poses, like Down Dog, Side Plank, and Wheel Standing poses, like Warrior One, Half Moon, and Crescent
  • Lunge Balancing poses, like Eagle and Dancer
  • Inverted poses, like Crane/Crow, Handstand
  • Shoulder Stand Seated poses, like Pigeon and Lotus

Each pose has detailed step-by-step instructions and helpful photos, as well as modifications and progressions for all levels of practitioners. The Complete Book of Yoga Inversions is the perfect guide for learning to invert, float, and fly fearlessly!


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