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Samadhi Pada - Study of Patanjali Yoga Sutras

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As students of yoga, most of us are familiar with the yoga satro-s in some
way or the other. some of us have a very fleeting connection with a few
mentions of some terms or some sata-shere and there. some others have
been participating in the chanting of the sutra-s from occasion to occasion.

Yet others have been regularly attending the lessons on yoga sufro-s given
every Sunday at RIMYI by Srineet Sridharan with insights by Prashantji. well,
here is an opportunity for further exploration through the first part of the four
volumes written by Prashantji with detailed explanations and commentary
on the Samadhi Pada of Patanjali's yoga sutras.

With constant references to Vyasa's commentary as well as many more
references to various other yoga texts, the book unfolds the secrets of each
sutra taking the reader on a journey of exploration and learning starting with a preface that wets the curiosity of the reader to immediately dive into
the first sutra, ending with the Kaivalya sutra.

No student of the subject of yoga can remain away from such an in-depth
study of the subject if the true understanding has to dawn. This book offers
an insight into the mind and knowledge of the aphorist and who better than
Prashantji to lead us on this fascinating journey?

Efforts have been made to highlight some concepts by putting them in boxes
and some more in bold print so that even the light reader may find a few
things of interest. Diagrams have been inserted to make clear the concepts
by using graphic modes.

Reading this book will make the reader rich and laden with the wisdom of


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