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Move: Free your Body Through Stretching Movement

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Product Description

An aspirational and inclusive guide to reaping the "feel-good" benefits of dynamic stretching. Aside from improved flexibility, these include better posture, reduced back strain and the mental "brain boost" that results from increased blood flow during movement.

Move explores dynamic stretching, or slow flowing movement. This is the most effective way to increase joint range of motion, thereby allowing us to move comfortably and freely, as we were born to do.

Uniquely designed to explore just six key move sequences each containing the main planes of motion: flexion (forward bending), extension (back bending), side bending and rotation. They can be used either as five-minute stand-alone routines, or tagged together to form a longer flexibility sequence as you might experience in a flow yoga class.

The emphasis is on simplicity. There are six key move routines: two lying, one cross-legged, one all fours, one lunge-based and the final one standing. Each routine has just four variations within it. This means the reader does not have to keep switching positions.

The book avoids jargon or sports science language and instead focuses on the "feel-good" benefits of stretching. In short, the book will allow us all to stretch ourselves happy.


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