Mantra Jewellery Evil Eye Disc Necklace

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The beautiful, decorative Evil Eye is a symbol of protection. It stares out at the world, believed to keep its wearer safe behind its protective glare.

The Evil Eye crosses cultural divides, having been used in many cultures to symbolise protection against an evil curse or bad luck. From the Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus, to the cobalt blue eyes through Turkey, Greece and the Mediterranean, still given to newborn babies as a lucky charm, the protective qualities of the Evil Eye is a centuries old tradition.

It is easy to exaggerate how unsafe the world is today, seeing so much danger in the media - when the truth is, many of us live in a very safe world. But sometimes, our minds play tricks on us, making us feel insecure, nervous or worried.

Change your mindset by saying the mantra to yourself as you hold onto your pendant - ‘May I always feel safe and strong’. Carry this feeling throughout your practice, and off the mat throughout your day.

This Sterling Silver necklace has a 1.5cm disc pendant hanging on an 18-20inch extendable chain.


mantra jewellery
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925 Sterling Silver
Care Instructions
Made from Sterling Silver, some pieces are additionally plated with 18ct Rose Gold. Silver will naturally oxidise when exposed to moisture, so try to keep your jewellery dry; and remove any discolouration with a silver polishing cloth.
18-20" chain; 1.5cm pendant



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