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Users have described the Liforme yoga mat as the grippiest mat on the market by far, as it's water-absorbent and dries quickly, which means it returns to its incredible dry grip level almost immediately during even the sweatiest of classes. The mat provides a deep cushioned and yet perfectly solid and stable practising surface. Each Liforme mat comes with the proprietary and unique AlignForMe system, an intelligent asana alignment guide etched into the surface of the mat.

  • wider and longer than regular yoga mats, giving you that extra bit of practice space
  • made from naturally sourced sustainable rubber for the bulk of the mat.
  • a revolutionary heat-bonding process was used to join the top layer to the base layer, eliminating the need for toxic glues.
  • the AlignForMe markers on the mat were precision-etched instead of being printed with potentially harmful inks
  • comes with its own carry-bag with an adjustable strap, easy-access opening, and air holes to let your mat breathe after a sweaty practice



Product Weight
Mat Thickness
Made In
Made From
Natural rubber and eco-polyurethane
Suitable For
All styles of yoga
185cm x 68cm



  • Please can you help me. I have a Lifeform yoga mat which is starting to look grubby. Do Lifeform make a special cleaner/freshener for their mats? Many thanks.

    All yoga mats can attract and retain dirt in normal use. Liforme don't make a mat cleaner but we offer a number of different variations - click here for more details

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