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Laminated Prenatal Yoga Floor Chart Large

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The content of this poster is a wonderful daily practice developed over years of instruction with hundreds of pregnant women in the classes and workshops of Nicole DeAvilla's Prenatal Yoga Academy. The Daily Dozen as this series is called is a distillation of what Nicole has found works to help expectant mothers to remain strong, flexible and centered through the exciting and demanding changes related to childbirth. Her expert instruction and sure calm voice comes through in this clear and easy to follow program. What is on This Chart Each of the 12 poses has 5 sections of information. A How To section with clear instructions. A Cautions section to help you know if this pose is right for you. A Benefits section that identifies the good that will flow from doing this pose. A Tip which gives you inside info that Nicole has learned from her deep experience with this series. Plus an affirmation which helps to time the pose and focus your mind in healthy and beneficial ways. There are also 15 overall Prenatal yoga tips which Nicole provides to help you to navigate the changes you will experience day to day and over the length of your pregnancy. Besides giving you some idea of what to expect these tips make it possible for you to keep practicing safely and continue to be as strong, flexible and balanced as possible. The Large 24x36 inch version is great for referring to at a distance. It incorporates large images and all the instructions found on the small chart appear in much larger type, all on a single side for display on the wall. Laminated version- durable and easy to clean.


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61cm x 91.5cm- laminated
Nicole DeAvilla
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Nicole DeAvilla



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