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Findhorn Flower Essences Sacred Mist -Sacred Light

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Sacred Light Sacred Mist helps you to find inspiration and evoke the aspiration to strengthen the heart–mind connection, and realise inner wisdom. 

Findhorn Flower Essences Sacred Mists are made by hand in northern Scotland using the finest natural and organic essential oils, flower, gem and elemental essences to infuse and transform the atmosphere or aura with their therapeutic energies and divine fragrances. Each sacred mist comes in a 100ml glass bottle, packaged in an attractive box.

 Sacred Light blends Blue Lotus essential oil with Lotus Lily Flower Essence.


This sacred mist may be sprayed freely around the aura or a localised space, but should not be consumed or applied directly onto the skin. 


findhorn flower essences
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Made From
Infusion of lotus lily flower essence, water, blue lotus essential oil
Care Instructions
Safe to use with children, animals and in pregnancy. Do not consume or apply directly to the skin.



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