All journeys start with a single step.  Personal yoga journeys start this way and business journeys the world over start this way too!


With yoga, something sparks within and a desire to step on the mat is set in motion.  Whatever brings us to yoga, we are there.  Whether it be a lifelong journey or an experimental moment in time, if yoga is discovered at the 'right' time in life, that first encounter can create a lifelong and life-reaffirming practice.


And so it is with business, something sparks and a desire to create is set in motion - a single step is taken and off we go...


Yogamatters first steps were taken in 1996, when our founders Paul Walker and Sandi Sharkey were teaching yoga in North London and discovered it was quite a challenge to find good yoga equipment. Taking matters into their own hands, they began selling yoga mats after class, often out of the back of the car, while keeping the excess stock stored under the bed.


Fast forward 20 years and Yogamatters is still proudly travelling with Yoga teachers, Yoga students and Yoga practitioners around the world as they step in and out of classes, journey to retreats and do their daily practice at home.  We are very proud to join them on this journey.


Here are a few facts.  In 1999, was launched and soon bales of blankets and crates of belts started arriving from Pune and mat bags from Delhi.  By the end of 2002, Yogamatters celebrated the huge milestone of offering customers more than 1000 yoga-related products. Yogamatters underwent a complete makeover in 2008 - a new brand, new site, new system.  Always the same values though - a passion for yoga and providing excellent levels of service. Those will never change. In September 2014, after many years of staying focused both on and off the mat, our founder and Managing Director, Paul retired from the business. This was the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in the Yogamatters story.


The journey continues.


For the last two years, the Yogamatters team have been doing what they do best, serving the yoga community.  If there is one truth you should know about Yogamatters and its journey, it's about the team.  Yogamatters would not be where it is today without the teams of yesterday and the team of today.   It's fair to say we have a great team of passionate, engaged, and values-driven individuals who are committed to making positive things happen.


Today, Twanna Doherty is leading the way forward.  Twanna joined the company as MD in September 2014.  Her promise to the team is that the journey will be adventurous.  Her hope is that Yogamatters always inspires and her motto is  - 'Attitude is everything'.  Above all else is a commitment to offer the best range of yoga, and wellbeing products - we simply do what we love and that makes all the difference!


Our latest news is the exciting launch of our refreshed branding and website which went live early July 2016.  The site lists over 2,500 yoga, and wellbeing products. We hope you enjoy shopping on it and reading stories from the blog.


As we go forward, we will continue to serve and be part of your yoga journey... every step of the way. Our deepest desire is that every body has a positive experience with yoga both on and off the mat.  Move with ease and travel safe!