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Healing Mantras

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Are you always haunted by the stress and anxiety of daily life, looking for a way to calm your mind, centre yourself, and live in the present? It feels like you're racing against the clock's hands, never able to catch up or catch a breath… Are you tired of the negativity in your life, searching for a way to bring out all the positive energy dormant inside you? You may even be tired of being tired, and you just want all this exhaustion, stress, and anxiety to go away once and for all…

Wherever you are right now, pause. Take a deep breath, exhale, and say, "Om," out loud for as long as your exhalation allows… Feel the sound's vibrations embrace your head and your heart… Give it the chance to help you relax, even just for a moment. The sacred sound "Om" is but a sample of the vast and ancient tradition of divine sounds, called mantras, meant to help us connect with ourselves and the energetic world around us. Those vibrations are said to be so powerful, that they can even heal our body and mind from all kinds of illnesses and diseases. However, mantras don’t hold any power in their dormant form--the only way to give them potency is to approach them with sincerity of thought and purity of mind and intentions. With the secrets of the divine sounds and the right tools to activate them correctly, you will be able to take back control of your life and transform those negative, draining vibrations in your life into ones that make you more connected with yourself and everything around you.

In Healing Mantras, you will discover: The secrets of the ancient Sanskrit language, and how to use it to connect to the endless sources of healing energies that surround you The extensive power of the simplest Bija mantras and what they can do to enhance and heal your bodily and mental functions The 4 sacred goals of life according to Hindu tradition, and how mantras can help you achieve every single one of them to be in harmony with yourself and everything around you The #1 way to set the right intentions to avoid bringing upon you any destructive force or bad karma The most powerful mantras to support proper physical health and heal you from chronic illnesses and devastating infections A plethora of mantras to ease your mind from all its ailments, and set yourself on the path of good mental health and wellbeing The mantras you must know to bestow upon yourself good fortune so you can find and maintain positive and healthy relationships in your life, and much more.

You don't need to be a Hindu monk or a trained guru to reap the endless benefits and value that mantras can add to your life. Mantras are indeed universal. You don't have to learn their sacred language to receive their energy - you just need to be open enough to let it flow within you. Whether you want to feel more focused, heal from depression, or even help treat chronic illnesses, there's a mantra out there waiting to unconditionally share its positive vibrations and healing powers with your whole being.


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