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Total Yoga Nidra CD

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Nirlipta Tuli & Uma Dinsmore-Tuli deliver 73 minutes of yoga nidra in this selection of practices for everyday use to give you a choice of different yoga nidra experiences.

Yoga Nidra is everybody’s treasure. Literally it means ‘yoga sleep’, but in essence it is an awakening to the meditative heart of yoga, an effortless state of being that invites you to come home to yourself. In the state of yoga nidra, the physical body rests, restores and revitalises, whilst the mental awareness is first guided, and then set free to access deep levels of healing and peace.

There are many different approaches to the practice of yoga nidra. In truth, it is not really a practice at all, but a way of being.

Total Yoga Nidra creatively utilises the most effective combinations of many different components of yoga nidra to invite you to experience states of resting awareness which are both healing and meditative. Enjoy!


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