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Yogamatters Egg Shape Yoga Block - Box of 12

A stylish twist on the standard yoga block that curves to the contours of the body, these egg shape yoga blocks will allow a yoga teacher to fine-tune the level of support each student needs to gently move deeper into a posture.

  • particularly effective when used under the legs in seated postures
  • great for reclining postures and supported back bends as they conform beautifully to the arc of one's back - place 3 or 4 eggs side by side for a wide support
  • try using the eggs under your hands in forward bends and see how the egg shape allows you to gently move deeper in to your posture
  • made from high grade, non toxic foam that is extra durable and scratch resistant
  • light enough to carry between classes, yet sturdy enough to bear your weight in postures

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