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Yogamatters Sandbag Cover

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Product Description

Sandbag is an excellent prop addition to your restorative yoga practice. With its weight and versatility, you're able to activate a relaxation response in your body allowing you to sink deeper into a yoga pose and find a deep release. The additional pressure may help diffuse feelings of anxiety and sensory overload.

Please note that this item is the sandbag cover only and does not include any filling. If you would like your sandbag ready filled by Yogamatters, go here. This cover is suitable for filling with small shingle (stones) rather than sand, offering excellent weight distribution without feeling too cold to the touch.

  • The cover is made from 100% natural cotton
  • Machine-washable cover with a handy carrying handle
  • The zip pull is on the inside of the bag, which prevents the zip pull digging into the skin when in use
  • Thoughtfully produced in India with our long-term Yogamatters partner
  • Perfect for yin and restorative practice
  • Use in poses for a supported balasana (child's pose) by placing the sandbag on top of your lower back or in supta virasana (reclining hero pose) to let go and de-stress
  • available in two sizes: Standard (34cm x 24cm) and Long (42cm x 18cm)

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Product Weight
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Made From
100% cotton
Care Instructions
Clean with a soft brush and lukewarm soap water
Available in 2 sizes - Standard: 35cm x 25cm Long: 42cm x 18cm



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