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Species by the Thousands Crystal Set - Courage

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The stones in this Courage Crystal Set are helpful for accessing your inner strength and confidence.

Crystals can be used as tools to help heal, focus, transmute and channel energy. Each crystal has its own vibration and when used with intention can assist in personal development.

This Crystal Set contains:

  • Bloodstone – helps with decision making
  • Carnelian – encourages determination
  • Garnet – helps with dream manifestation
  • Red Jasper – grounds and stabilises energy
  • Tiger’s Eye – brings luck to new endeavours
  • Crystal Clearing Spray – to cleanse the stones

Handmade in Species by the Thousands' Brooklyn, NY studio, this crystal set comes packaged in a pouch and boxed with a useful information card.

Crystal Clearing Spray is included for cleansing the stones before working with them. 


species by the thousands
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bloodstone, carnelian, garnet, red jasper, tiger's eye,
Care Instructions
Instructions included.
5 crystals, 0.33oz spray



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