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L:a Bruket Pillow Mist

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Modern life can make it hard to relax at the end of the day and even harder to fall asleep. To help calm the senses for a good night’s sleep, L:a Bruket have developed this natural Pillow Mist.

Essential oils of Lavender, Mandarin and Cedarwood – all known for their calming and relaxing properties – are combined in this Pillow Mist to create a tranquil atmosphere for a good night’s rest.

L:a Bruket's products have a timeless appeal stemming from a set of simple beliefs around Swedish wellbeing; a philosophy ingrained in the people and country. Hard to put into words, it touches all aspects of holistic living to ensure a balance. Three beliefs stand out above the rest - maintain and cherish a close relationship with nature, choose products that meet the demands of modern life, and take time to transform a daily routine into a rewarding luxury.


To use: Spray directly onto bed linen immediately before going to bed.


l a bruket
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water, parfum -essential oil of mandarin, lavender and cedarwood, polysorbate 20, alcohol
Care Instructions
Spray onto pillow or bedding before going to sleep



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