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The Art of Observing and Adjusting: An Innovative Guide to Yoga Asana Adjustment for Your Postural Type

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This book is for yoga practitioners of all levels. It begins with the know-how and fundamentals of postural imbalances and guides the reader through the observation and adjustment of these imbalances, on the basis of the postural type of the practitioner.

The book avoids complex anatomical references and opts instead to use over 250 simple colour diagrams and images, which make it easier to convey the ideas more clearly, and are simple for teachers and practitioners to follow during self-experimentation.

Just as a doctor would prescribe the most relevant treatment after a thorough examination and diagnosis, the teacher will be able to recognise unbalanced postural patterns through observation, and prescribe the most appropriate alignments or adjustments. Understanding postural types will guide the teacher toward the correct adjustments in order to restore balance to the practitioner s body.

In Part 1 of this book, the author explains how to observe imbalances. In Part 2, the teacher will learn postural types systemically according to section imbalance patterns. In Part 3, the author recommends specific ways and principles of adjustment for the different postural types.

An invaluable resource for all yoga teachers, teacher trainers, and serious yoga students, this book includes a foreword by John Scott, author of Ashtanga Yoga.


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