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Goddess Charms Sacred Serpent Pendant Necklace - Gold

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For as long as the mists of time the serpent has connected humans to the divine, linking us to the soul's journey toward self-realisation. From the symbolism in kundalini to her motif in medicine circles and ancient esoteric practices, she represents spiritual healing, transformation and change. The serpent is said to contain the power and energy of the universe that resides within us all. Through the shedding of her skin, she is a symbol of rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing. Wear her to tap into your ultimate divine energy, intuition and power. To remember that you are the creator of your dream life.

  • Ring charm measures: 15mm tall x 12mm wide
  • Chain length: 52cm

Goddess Charms is a cosmic jewellery brand featuring sacred Charms and magical talismans. The symbols, creatures, Gods and Goddesses hail from the Indian continent. Each Charm and chain is made from solid, sterling silver. The gold Charms and chains are then plated with dazzling Indian gold. They radiate a magnificent golden aura while the silver Charms emit a cleansing and pure white light.

Each Goddess Charm is individually hand made in their workshop in northern India using original antique moulds, recreated using traditional methods. The Charms are deliberately made in small batches, taking approximately three months to complete. This ensures quality remains paramount.


goddess charms
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Gold vermeil (2.5 microns of 18 carat dazzling Indian gold on sterling silver)

Care Instructions

Remove before sleeping, showering or applying lotions. Buff with a dry, cotton cloth. Remember to always handle your Charms and chains with love and care. Store separately to avoid tarnishing and they will continue to glow for you.


Charm: 15 x 12mm

Chain length: 52cm



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