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Aery Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser - Heavily Meditated

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Unwind your world - create tranquil, uplifting sanctuaries with Aery's in-depth blends. Stir the senses and enhance your environment, mood and well being. Restore balance and bring the mind and body into harmony.

Focus and relax the mind with the essential oils of the Heavily Meditated Reed Diffuser - Frankincense Patchouli and Thyme, with Eucalyptus, Cedar, Cinnamon and Bay . Take a long deep breath and let the healing power of Aromatherapy soothe your mind, body and soul.

  • Glass vessel
  • 200ml, 7 fl oz


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Made From
Augeo oil with essential oils, recycled glass vessel
Care Instructions
Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not burn reeds. Do not place on painted or polished surfaces. In case of spillage wipe clean immediately
200ml; lasts up to 4 months. Vessel size 6.5 x 13cm. Reed length 26cm.



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